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Tietje - 17 Junio 02:51

Española muy morbosa e implicada, para satisfacer cada uno de tus deseos. La belleza de mi cuerpo te encandilará. Soy dueña de una boca con labios sen

Bleecker - 20 Septiembre 17:34

Ayuda esto, pero no mantienen real ella parece bien casi millones de citas en sitios web.

Rizzolo - 14 Febrero 04:11

My partner and I agree before drinking whether or not sex is an option for that evening, so both can give sober concent ahead of time. Of course, said concent can be revoked while unsober. But, no matter how much i ask (since im the one who usually drinks), it will not be taken as concent unless previously given. Its annoying in the moment, but im glad we have this rule. Also, yes, getting off when drunk (or otherwise intoxicated is frustratingly difficult. I always thought lower inhibitions mean better sex/orgasms; NOPE!

Legat - 18 Septiembre 18:48

2. When a woman has a high sex drive and the guy doesn't he says Gee, this sucks, I guess it isn't going to work out. I can try, but if it's not enough I understand and parts ways. When men have a much higher drive than their partner it drags on for _decades._ Do people _completely_ lack perspective on things as important as this?

Pasho - 7 Diciembre 12:02

How do you deal with headaches after orgasms (for a Female)? Is there something one can do or take to prevent or stop said headaches?

Hopfer - 21 Junio 02:54

John Harvey Kellogg also recommended yogurt enemas.why didn't that catch on?If you look up circumcision in Wiki it's amazing how he isn't mentioned at all. Then again do you believe the entire medical profession would listen to one doctor who invented corn flakes?

Hilbert - 20 Mayo 13:00

waste of cum swallow it all im a guy and I swallow every drop